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Another Eagle Project that Effects Us Personally

Another Eagle Project that Effects Us Personally


Our family has been blessed this month by a young man’s Eagle project. Today I want to say Thank You to Tyler Barton and all who assisted with his Eagle Project. 
Tyler organized and made special boxes for the hospital for mom’s like me (Laurie – Dr. Scholzen’s wife) and for families like ours…families who have lost a baby.  Some of you knew I was pregnant and expecting a baby September 1st, however at an ultrasound appointment last month they were unable to find a heartbeat on our little one. On March 24th I delivered a little baby girl that will not be joining our family in this earthly life. While I was in the hospital the nurse brought me this special little box that Tyler had done as part of his eagle project.
This little box holds all of the mementos and special little things that we had at the hospital and other things that we had received for our baby girl. It has been the perfect little spot to put all of the heartfelt cards we have received and has been a source of comfort to me and my husband and our kids. To many it is just a simple little box that some sweet scouts glued some ribbon and paper on…but to our family it has helped us heal and helped my children better understand.

Thank you Tyler Barton, Thank you to Tyler’s mom, Thank you to all of the scouts that participated, Thank you to all Eagle Scouts who work hard to make a difference in the lives of others.

We don’t know Tyler Barton – but if anyone does – pass this along so that he will know he touched our lives.

Love Dr. Scholzen and Laurie!