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From our moms to yours..

From our moms to yours..

Celebrating Mother’s Day with a few brushing stories and tips from the moms on our team…



Tifnee… We all go into the bathroom together to brush and I time us all. I do not miss a day. I do not give them an option. I call myself the mean mom.

Zaira (2)

Zaira… It was always a “fight” with my two year old to brush his teeth. I finally explained to him about “sugar bugs”! I told him how sugar bugs will start eating his teeth. He is so terrified of sugar bugs now that at Easter he flushed his Easter candy down the toilet because they had sugar bugs. He now lets me brush every day!

_MG_1978 (3)

Shawnette… At home we like to pretend that we are at the dentist. I become the dental assistant and my child is the patient and because I’m not mom anymore she lets me brush. After we are done pretending I let her brush by herself for a few minutes.

Jessica H.

Jessica… When I started at Children’s Dental my son was only a year and a half old (now he’s 5) he did not like his teeth brushed. Then I started working here and noticed how kids “loved” watching TV while getting their teeth brushed so at home I started doing the same thing. I sat on the floor and had him lay his head on my lap and watch Go Diego! He loved it. He would let me brush for as long as I wanted. It worked out great!

Laurie Scholzen

Laurie… I admit brushing is not my favorite time of the day. I’m not a morning person so morning brushing just doesn’t happen at my house and at night I usually am so exhausted that I’m just lucky to get the kids in bed. So when I am adventurous I usually sit on the toilet with my little kids and let the kids stand between my legs so I can get a better view of their little mouths. And with my bigger kids I actually do the same thing, but I sit on the counter. Brushing is always a struggle and I say props to the mom that can get it done.

Thank you to all our Facebook friends for participating in our Mother’s Day contest. We enjoy hearing from you!!